Hi everyone! We are super excited to have more and more people using Breakpoint App every day.
We love using Breakpoint App ourselves and do not plan to stop supporting it anytime soon.
We also want to keep it free of ads and not require payment to use it.

If you enjoy using this app, please support us by sending some cash using the button below.

Even $1 or $5 will be a huge help!

You can securely send us cash using the awesome Square Cash service.
Simply enter the amount and your debit card after clicking the button.

What your contribution will help pay for.

The costs to run average about $15/month.

Who we are.

Our names are Dave Kroondyk and Sudershan Bhandari. We started Breakpoint App a few years ago out of frustration with similar offerings at the time. We are avid tennis players and captains of USTA teams. Breakpoint App has helped us on the road to USTA Nationals in Tucson, AZ - twice!